May 23, Kimono

One of the reasons I started my little fashion blog back in 2011 was I couldn’t find anyone online whose style I loved and could duplicate. I’m sure they were out there- but I was having a hard time finding one that actually dressed like a real mom. Fast forward 8 years- and there are a million style blogs/ Instagram sites! Today’s look is inspired by one that I recently found and love. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it though. Darn!

I started with my cropped white jeans and added a black tank. I added a cardigan to keep warm, but then I remembered a cute post I saw last week where the gal wore a kimono- so I decided to break mine out. I bought this 2 summers ago while out shopping with my daughter, and I don’t wear it very often- but I think it looks really cute and I love how the bright pattern is a change for me. Swapping out the Birks for my black sandals and adding a cute necklace completes the outfit.

Jeans- Gap

Tank- Gap

Kimono- TJ Maxx

Shoes- LuckY Brand

May 22, Head to Toe

One trick for looking slimmer is wearing the same color from head to toe. It creates a long vertical line- which in turn, makes you look thinner! Today I have chosen shades of grey.

In my before picture I have paired my grey jeans with a light grey t shirt and my black Birkenstocks. Nothing wrong with this- but honestly it’s a little dull. And since it is two different shades of grey, it doesn’t really do the trick of slimming. So, to add some interest (and a little edge to the look), I have replaced the tight grey t shirt with this cool metallic t shirt. The color is a better match for the head to toe look. This shirt drapes better (doesn’t cling to my stomach) and has a cute side slit & longer back. Little details like that add interest to the outfit. The peep toe block heel shoes also add more style.

Since it’s chilly this morning, I will throw on my pink satin bomber jacket. It also adds to the edgy look, plus keeps me warm and is cuter than a cardigan.

Gotta run, no time for links this am, my sweet sister (Kara) called and we just chatted for a bit, so I ran out of time to do the links. But honestly, I’d rather talk to my sister. 🙂 Have a great day…

May 21, Keeping it Real

Today has been a shitty day- and I apologize for my late post. My husband got into a car wreck this morning (he’s ok, thank goodness), but it completely ruined my morning (and his… and the person he hit). UGH!

After checking on my hubby, I played tennis and ran errands, so I am showing how I transitioned my tennis outfit into a running errands outfit.

I apologize for the quality of the photos, I was rushed this morning even before the darn wreck. Anyhow, on the left I am wearing my cute patterned leggings with a tennis skirt over them (this is perfect for chilly mornings, or if you don’t like bare legs). On top I have this fun bright blue tank- I love this color! When I finished with tennis, I just removed the skirt and threw on a black tunic. I like how the tank peeks out underneath- giving a little contrast. I swapped out my shoes- just cause you know I love my black Adidas more than my clunky bright blue tennis shoes!

Hope your day is better than mine. 😦

Leggings- North Face (REI)

Tank- Gap

Tunic- Nordstrom Rack

May 20, Grey Monday

Good morning! It’s dark and grey outside, and I have a feeling it’s going to be like this all day, so I am wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and tennis shoes.

However, I do have to go to work, and the outfit on the left is a little too casual. While I love my Seahawks hoodie, this is not appropriate for my workplace. The cute camo sweatshirt is a little dressier (did I just call a sweatshirt dressy? Oh my!) and the black tennis shoes make my legs look a lot longer since there is one continuous line of black. Do the half tuck to emphasize my waist, throw on some bracelets for a little sparkle, and I’m ready for you 1st graders!

A close up of my bracelets today. The 3 on the left are new- a gift from a dear friend. Love them!

Jeans- Gap

Sweatshirt- American Eagle (this is similar, mine is last season)

Shoes- Adidas

May 19, Mother Daughter Tea

One of the traditions of National Charity League is that we have a Mother & Daughter tea every year. It’s a special event in that it’s a great opportunity to get dressed up with your daughter, spend time with friends, celebrate all the accomplishments from the past year and say goodbye to our seniors who are graduating.

I have chosen this cute blue dress to wear to the tea. It’s a super comfy dress in that it is nice and loose in the tummy area and has an elastic waistband- which is always a plus. The cute laser cut lace-like fabric adds interest (see photo below for a better look), the color is a gorgeous deep blue, and the length is appropriate for someone over 40 (one inch shorter and I think it would be too short). My only issue is what shoes to wear? Originally I wanted to wear the pair on the left, but then when I saw the photos, I decided they are a bit clunky and distracting. Instead I will wear these peep toe booties. The color is a little more neutral, and they don’t seem as heavy as the wedge sandals on the left.

Dress is Laundry by Shelli Segal, it’s VERY old, but here is something sort of similar!
A really cute sandal like this would be perfect!

May 18, Black Joggers

My daughter and I are doing some volunteer work early this morning, so I want to be super casual and comfy. I chose my black joggers, and then dressed it up a bit with this cute olive/ grey blouse and black Merino wool cardigan.

Wearing a blouse with joggers is a big risk for me- but I think it works. It’s definitely better than the look on the left, which looks almost like jammies. I love this long sleeved top, just not like this.

One thing I love about the blouse on the right is that it is polyester. When I was growing up, polyester was like a bad word! But it’s come a long way since the 70’s! And maybe I am really un-cool- but I actually love polyester. It hangs well (hides lumps and bumps), washes well, and is inexpensive.

The white tennis shoes are too distracting, the black slip on ones are much cuter. Even though I’m wearing wintery colors (black and grey), I still think this looks springy due to the pushed up sleeves and the bare ankles. Happy Saturday!

Joggers- Fabletics

Blouse- Nordstrom Rack (Halogen)

Cardigan- Banana Republic

Shoes- Nordstrom Rack, Vince

May 17, Long Cardigan

On a yucky, rainy spring day such as today, what I really want to do is stay in bed all day and read or watch TV, but instead I have to go teach 5th grade. Ugh! So, I chose my dark denim jeans, a white tank and this cute pink long cardigan.

In my before photo I am wearing a tight white tank under the sweater. First off, you can totally see my bra underneath, which I don’t care for. Secondly, you can see my tummy (and believe me- I am holding it in for the photo). I would prefer breathing today, so instead I will wear this loose fit, flowy tank that is much more comfortable. Notice the cute detail of the extra layer underneath- this is actually built in to the tank. I love how it adds a little length and movement to the top. To add a little color I threw on this cute necklace and then swapped out the old loafers for booties- so that I can wear some socks and keep my feet warm! Have a great Friday!

No links today (I’m running late again), sorry!

Jeans- Paige

Tank- Anne Taylor

Cardigan- Nordstrom

Booties- Sam Edelman, Nordstrom Rack