Nov 16th, Working Mom

I feel very blessed because I get to be a stay at home mom and a working mom. By working part time- and often from home- I am able to put the kids on the school bus in the mornings, and then collect them from the bus after school.

Hence, some days I’m dressed like a mom out running errands, and then other days I’m dressed more professionally. I think it’s good to get to see both looks- even if you can’t always relate.

Today’s look is a ‘work outfit’. Instead of always wearing black pants I am really trying to expand my options, so today I’m wearing grey trousers. I’m not a huge fan of trousers- they can very easily look very dated- but paired with a trendy top, cool jewelry and good shoes, you can make it work.

On the right you can see how they don’t work. My shoe heel is too low, so the pants look like they are too big. Also, my top is enormous- thus, I look enormous.

On the left I changed my shirt to a more fitted and flattering style. It’s similar to the one on the right, but it’s gathered around the tummy which is nice for hiding any bulge!  I’ve also added a chunky necklace and switched shoes with a higher heel. I’ve also changed out the trousers- instead of the plain grey flannel, I’m wearing these grey with a tiny pattern- it’s very subtle, yet adds some interest.

All pretty simple changes- yet they make a big difference.

Now, off to work!

I will definitely be putting on a coat- it's cold out here! But, for my heated office, a short sleeve top will work.
A close up of the ruching...
This shoe is perfect with these trousers! Just peeking out under the hem gives a hint of style.

One more thing, I’m linking up to What I Wore Wednesday and Work It Wednesday, so be sure to go check out those sites as well!

Trousers:White House/ Black Market, Top: Nordstrom, Shoes: DSW, Necklace: Kohls

11 thoughts on “Nov 16th, Working Mom

  1. I love the top too! Is it a recent purchase from Nordstrom? If so, what is the brand name? Thanks. Love your blog! It really helps to have the side-by-side pictures!

    1. Thanks so much for the comments! I actually bought this top a year ago, so I’m not sure they still have it. The brand is Sweet Pea! Good luck!

  2. The outfit works…….however…..the pants still seem a bit too long? I was actually at the seamstress when I was reading this post and they all seem to think that the bottom of the pant should just skim the top of your foot and a bit more of the shoe should be showing. The bunching at the bottom cuts the length of your leg. It could just be that way you are standing….but like I said-the outfit works!!!!

    1. Who am I to argue with an expert opinion! I think your seamstress might be right! I probably should have these shortened slightly! Thanks for the feedback!! I truly appreciate it! And, I love that you shared my blog with your seamstress! 🙂

  3. I love the ruching on the top, it seriously elevates it from boring basic to fab.

    “my top is enormous- thus, I look enormous.” –I wish more people would realize this. I have a friend who hides herself in black men’s logo t-shirts and thinks its slimming because it’s black. Umm no, your top is making you look 10xs bigger than what you are girlfriend.

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