May 26th, Holiday Weekend

Sorry gals- I am heading out of town and will not be posting for a few days. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you soon…

I’ll leave you all with a question- what would you add to this outfit to complete the look?

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8 thoughts on “May 26th, Holiday Weekend

  1. Tuck the front of the shirt in and tie a colorful scarf through the front belt loops of your jeans. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I would roll up the jacket sleeves and add some eye popping piece of jewelery around your neck.

  3. Definitely add a necklace–simple diamond to keep the look classic and sophisticated or a big bright necklace for a fun pop of color. Roll up the sleeves if you go the fun, casual look.

  4. Need some punch of color for fun. Red necklace and/or flats would be good,Turquiose or most any other bright color looks good with navy& white also.

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