May 23, Kimono

One of the reasons I started my little fashion blog back in 2011 was I couldn’t find anyone online whose style I loved and could duplicate. I’m sure they were out there- but I was having a hard time finding one that actually dressed like a real mom. Fast forward 8 years- and there are a million style blogs/ Instagram sites! Today’s look is inspired by one that I recently found and love. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it though. Darn!

I started with my cropped white jeans and added a black tank. I added a cardigan to keep warm, but then I remembered a cute post I saw last week where the gal wore a kimono- so I decided to break mine out. I bought this 2 summers ago while out shopping with my daughter, and I don’t wear it very often- but I think it looks really cute and I love how the bright pattern is a change for me. Swapping out the Birks for my black sandals and adding a cute necklace completes the outfit.

Jeans- Gap

Tank- Gap

Kimono- TJ Maxx

Shoes- LuckY Brand

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