Dec 24th, 30 for 30- Day 24

Merry Christmas Eve!

I’ve spent the day with my kids baking cookies, playing games, watching Christmas Vacation  and working on our Christmas puzzle- all in my jammies! Heaven!

I’m showing my outfit for church tonight. I’m wearing this cute dress (you may remember last time I wore it with a sweater over it to make it look like a skirt). This time I’ve paired it with my black blazer- both to add polish and warmth.

Although truth be told, it feels more like spring than winter here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s definitely NOT going to be a white Christmas. Oh well… only in my dreams…

Sorry, had to go there.

By the way, what’s your favorite Christmas movie? Please share, I’m always looking for new ideas!

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Dress: Banana Republic, Blazer: Nordstrom, Shoes: Nordstrom

Dec 23rd, 30 for 30- Day 23

I wore this brown pencil skirt last Friday, but since I was on a plane all day, no one saw me.

I decided to wear it again, but this time I paired it with my denim shirt layered over a tank.

You can barely see it, but I’m wearing this gorgeous bracelet that my sister gave me for my birthday. I absolutely love it- and would wear it every day if I could!

Have a great Christmas Eve Eve… are you done with your shopping?  I’m going to a white elephant party tonight and need a gift. Any suggestions?

I love this bracelet! Thanks Kara!!
The lighting outside is so bad you can't see the pattern in this skirt.

Skirt: Nordstrom, Denim shirt: Martin and Osa, Leather Jacket: Marshalls, Boots: DSW, Bracelet: J Crew

I’ve linked up with Fashion Friday. Be sure to click here for some other cute fashion ideas!


Dec 22nd, 30 for 30- Day 22

Boy it’s a frosty morning- but still no sign of snow, so I’m thinking we will not be having a white Christmas this year. Darn!

Today I’m wearing my black skinny pants with this cute animal print top and my grey grandpa cardigan.

I used to be afraid to wear animal prints like this during the day- thinking they were too dressy, or too wild for ‘everyday’ style. But then I decided- what the heck?

Wearing this tank makes me feel fun- and gives my outfit a little kick. I’m needing that right now…

I’ve also changed out my shoes. On the right I have on these awful black things. They make my feet look enormous, and do nothing for my style. It’s hard to see in the photo how bad they are, so I’ve included a picture below. In theory, they are sort of cute, right? Unfortunately, they don’t work with skinny pants.

Nice mud on the sole! Yuck!

Instead of the black shoes, I’m wearing my black boots- yes, I do wear these almost everyday (in the winter), but they are warm, comfy and stylish. Why mess with that?

The long sweater hides my butt- which is important when wearing pants these tight!

Pants: Gap, Tank: Express, Cardigan: J Crew, Boots: Nordstrom

Dec 21st, 30 for 30 Day 21

I call this my Martha Stewart outfit- partly because I plan on spending the day working around the house, cooking, cleaning, wrapping presents… you know the drill!

Another reason I call this Martha Stewart is because before I started this style experiment I remember watching her show  and noticing she would wear a blouse while cooking. I remember thinking, weird! It looks so uncomfortable and stiff- and personally, I’d rather wear sweats!

However, all that has changed with this blog. Even working around the house, I am forcing myself to dress up a bit-  not that this is dressy, but at least I’ve put a little effort into my look because you never know who will ring your doorbell, right?!

Today I’m participating in Work it Wednesday only to the degree that I’m showing 3 different shoes with this very simple outfit. I’ve got on casual tennis shoes, my desert booties and leopard flats. Which are your favorite?

These casual slip on tennis shoes are a great alternative to regular tennis shoes!
I'm always a fan of the leopard flat. It brings an unexpected flair to my outfit!

I’m also linking up with The Pleated Poppy– check it out for hundreds of great style ideas!

Jeans: Nordstrom, Blouse: Target, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Shoes: Boots- Kohls, Tennis Shoes- Macys, Flats- Target

Dec 20th, 30 for 30 Day 20

I’ve read that dressing from head to toe in one color is slimming, and God knows after all the junk I’ve been eating (and drinking) lately, I could use a slimming outfit- so here I go.

Unfortunately, in my outfit on the right I look a little plain and awkward. Part of it is the bulge of my belt under the sweater. It looks like I’m packing heat! I’m not, I promise!!

Since I’m pretty much all blue- it’s important to have something different about my look- hence the necklace. I picked up this little number at Forever 21- one of my favorite places for cheap jewelry. Go often though- sometimes it’s a total miss!

Just to give the outfit a bit more shape and definition, I’ve also tucked in my sweater showing off this cool braided belt. Another simple and easy outfit using only a few items from my closet!

The colors of the necklace add some interest to my otherwise plain look.

Dec 19th, 30 for 30- Day 19

This one is for my neighbor, Laurel. She asked me a long time ago if I ever wear any prints besides stripes- and ever since then I’ve been thinking a lot about that. She’s right, I really tend to avoid any other prints. So, in order to expand my horizons a bit- here you go!

I’ve paired this cute printed top with my cream jacket. The bright red color , the cute pattern and the draping of the neckline makes it interesting.

As for my jacket, I’ve said this before, but it is honestly like wearing a sweatshirt. It’s cotton, so very comfy and not restrictive at all!

I’m also wearing this gorgeous mother of pearl necklace that a dear friend made me for my birthday. It adds a nice touch to my otherwise bare neckline.

On bottom I have my skinny jeans and brown boots. A polished  and easy outfit. Now I’m off to see the Chimpmunks movie. UGH!~

Even though I'm just going to the movies today, it is still nice to put a little effort into my look.

Jeans: Madewell, Boots: Target, Top: Macy’s, Jacket: Kohls, Necklace: Gift

Dec 18th, 30 for 30- Day 18

Good morning! Another late post again today- sorry!

We are taking the kids ice skating today, so I want to dress warm and comfy (seems like I say this every day- warm and comfy are definitely my style!).

I chose a very plain outfit of jeans and a black turtleneck- and then dressed it up with a Burberry inspired scarf. Simple, casual and warm.

Enjoy your Sunday- what do you have planned?

This scarf adds a bit of polish to my plain look.

Jeans: Old Navy, Turtleneck: White House, Black Market, Scarf: DSW, Boots: Nordstrom