July 17, Graphic T & Moto Jacket

This outfit is a bit of a stretch for me (and a bit of a risk as well), but I love the way a cool graphic t shirt and jeans look on everyone else, so I thought I’d give it a try.

However, it’s a bit chilly, so I wanted a jacket. I think the blazer on the left is too formal, and didn’t feel like ‘me’, so I decided to try this more casual jacket with a Moto collar. I also thought the booties were too wintery, so the4se t strap sandals add some edge to the look and keep it summery. My shirt says ‘build bridges, not walls’ in case you wondered!

July 15, Polka Dot Top

Blue and white are one of my favorite color combos. Today’s outfit is white jeans and a blue tank.

The changes I made to my OOTD are simple- first, I replaced the long white jeans with my cropped at the ankle distressed pair*. Already this looks a lot more summery.

Then I replaced the skin tight blue tank with a silk polka dot one. The pattern is fun, and I like the way the silk top hangs instead of clinging to my tummy. A cute brown braided belt and my slip on white sandals from Target complete the look.

*As a reminder, these are the jeans I distressed myself- it’s so easy to do! I bought these jeans at Value Village (sort of like Goodwill) and then distressed them to make them look more current. To read how, check out my post here.

July 14, Fake Romper

Rompers are all the rage right now, and while I think they are super cute on teenagers, I personally don’t think someone over 40 should wear one. I was out last night at a wine tasting event and saw a woman who was well over 40 wearing a romper that was so short her butt cheeks were literally peeking out. Yes, she had a great butt- but GROSS! No one wants to see that.

But, it’s hot outside and I need an outfit that will keep me cool, so, today is my version of a romper for someone over 40. And actually, it’s not even a romper, it’s shorts and a top. But it sort of looks like a romper, right?!

To keep my outfit from looking like pj’s (as it does on the left) I have made a few slight changes. One, I pulled the shorts down a bit to rest on my hips instead of my natural waist. Then, instead of a plain cotton t shirt, I am wearing a silky halter neck top that is a bit dressier. To complete the look, I chose neutral sandals with a heel- that not only dress up the look, but they also make my legs look a lot longer than they actually are. Now I have an outfit that is appropriate for a summer backyard party where I have to say goodbye to my dear friends who are moving to North Carolina. I will miss you Livi. xoxo

July 12, Denim Shorts

It finally feels more like summer here in the PNW, so today I am wearing denim shorts and a white top.

My before outfit is perfectly fine- cut off shorts, a white t shirt and white Birkenstocks, but isn’t the outfit on the right a little cuter?

I swapped out the denim shorts for a more tailored pair and replaced the t shirt with a white cotton shirt with cute blue detail on the collar and flutter sleeves. My white slides are a perfect finish to an easy summer outfit.

T shirt is from TJ Maxx

Shorts and Slides- Target

July 10, Striped Shirt

It’s another rainy summer day here in the Pacific Northwest. Mother Nature, if your listening- we would like our summer back please! Since it’s cold and grey outside, I decided today would be the perfect day to go get my Enhanced Driver’s License at the DMV.

In my before photo, I paired a J Crew striped top with wide leg jeans and slip on tennis shoes. The boxy shirt and wide jeans create an unflattering silhouette. And while I love my slip on tennis shoes, in this outfit they don’t work.

So, instead I opted for skinny jeans that are slightly cropped at the ankle. To create a more casual look, I pushed up my sleeves and did the half tuck to define my waist. Finally, I added a long necklace to breakup all the stripes. To complete the summer outfit, I chose my black strappy sandals.

Quick tip, if you’re local and you need to get your enhanced license, go to the one in North Bend- no lines! Afterwards, go to Twede’s cafe (from Twin Peaks) for a piece of Coconut Cream pie. AMAZING!

July 9, Comfy Sweater

I’ve been back in town for 2 days now- and have been busy working around my house, and not getting dressed in anything cute (hence no posts lately) but I had to go to the grocery store yesterday and below (on the left) is what I wore. Seriously. It’s like Everyday Mom Style revealed! YIKES!

Luckily I didn’t see anyone I knew, phew! But as I was walking out of the store, I did see a very glamorous (super tall, skinny and gorgeous) gal in black cropped leggings, a black top and then a white fur shrug draped over her shoulders. I know it sounds weird, but it was SO COOL looking and stylish. I literally thought to myself ‘what the heck am I doing writing fashion advice looking like this- when there are people like her walking around?’ She was the epitome of style. And I was the epitome of a frumpy mom.

So… instead of my frumpy outfit, today I am trying to put a little more style back into my life with my grey joggers (have I mentioned how much I love these pants) and an off the shoulder comfy sweater. I’m wearing a cute purple bralette under the sweater, which adds a little sas to the look. For my feet, I’m just wearing flip flops (which I never do), but I like the way they look with this casual outfit.

Joggers- Target

Sweater- OC Style

Flip Flops- Havaianas