May 10, Orange and Blue

One of my favorite color combos is orange and blue. I just love the way they look together, so today I have paired this cute orange tank with my dark cropped skinny jeans.

In the before photo my jeans are a bit longer than the ones on the right- it’s subtle, but honestly it does make a difference. Also, I have on a bright orange work out top- which is a little too clingy and shows everything. Plus, I always feel weird wearing a work out top when I’m not actually working out! The patterned tank on the right is made of rayon, which is much more forgiving and drapes well (and hides any lumps or bumps). As usual, I have done the ‘half tuck’ to define my waist. I also like the cute brown leather sandals instead of the casual flip flops. To me, this outfit just looks more pulled together.

You know I don’t wear a ton of patterns, but I think this is so fun and cute! This top is old, but it’s from my friend Kriss, who has an in home boutique (she ships everywhere). Her clothes are very affordable. Check out Shop OC Style over on Instagram!

Tank- Shop OC Style (old)

Jeans- Gap

Sandals- Target (old)

May 9th, Black Eyelet Dress

You may remember on Easter I wore my white eyelet dress from J Crew. I loved that dress so much, that when I saw the Target version (a few years ago) I snatched that up as well. Today, I am showing how I wore it last week in Vegas. 

It’s a cute, comfy dress perfect for a casual day outfit- or even for a night out with friends. I kept it simple and casual by adding flat black strappy sandals and my denim jacket to keep warm. The length is appropriate for my age (over 40), and the cute v neck and capped sleeves add nice detail. As you can probably tell lately, I really love wearing dresses. They are perfect for Spring weather- and easy since you don’t have to worry about matching top and bottom. Plus, they are so comfy!

And if you are thinking ‘dresses are too dressy… I’d feel silly wearing a dress to the grocery store’, here’s a super casual option. Throw on a baseball cap, tennis shoes and grab a big bag that holds everything. Add a denim jacket to keep warm & dangly earrings to add a touch of fun! Honestly, dresses can be worn anywhere!

Dress- Target

Jacket- Target

Sandals- Lucky

Tennis Shoes- Superga

Handbag- H&M

May 8th, Mean Girls

I’m not teaching today, so I am going to work around my house cleaning, organizing and taking care of everything I ignored last week when I was out of town.

Today’s look is my Mean Girls graphic t shirt paired with cut off denim shorts and my Converse All Stars. It’s a cute, casual look that’s perfect for the 80 degree weather we are supposed to have later today. On the right is my attempt to try something new. Normally I would never pair a graphic t shirt with a pencil skirt, but I thought it would be fun to try- and honestly, I love the way it looks! It’s perfect if you don’t want to wear shorts, and the casual tennis shoes really dress it down. You could also try sandals, see below.

Skirt- Nordstrom, Halogen, similar one here

T shirt- Target, similar one here

Shorts- Old Navy

Shoes- Converse

Now, for my rant about Mean Girls (I apologize in advance, but feel like I need to step on my soapbox for a minute).

While I loved the movie, and thought it was hilarious, there is nothing funny about Mean Girls in real life. I know that there is a lot of mean behavior that goes on in our kid’s lives- and as mothers, we need to do everything we can to

1. teach our kids kindness

2. teach our kids how to be resilient

I think as moms it is so important that we are honest with ourselves and aware of the examples we are setting for our kids. Even if we don’t realize it, our children are watching and mimicking everything we do. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to check in and make sure your behavior is setting a good example.

  1. Do you talk behind people’s backs in front of your kids? Do you gossip?
  2. Have you ever cut in line, told a white lie or cheated on something?
  3. Do you always include everyone in your social gatherings? Do you send birthday invitations to school and leave people out?
  4. Do you post pictures of events on social media where people have been excluded?
  5. Do you use the phrase ‘popular kids’? Or try to navigate or steer your child socially into the ‘right group’?
  6. Do you teach empathy and talk about how other people are feeling?
  7. Do you encourage your child to problem solve on their own and use ‘I messages’?
  8. Have you taught your child coping measures for when things don’t go their way?

As a teacher, I see mean girl behavior every day- and I hate to say this, but a lot of it is coming from home. Mean girls often have mean moms. We have the power to change that. Set a good example for your daughter and the world will be a better place.

Thanks for reading- and if you have any tips you want to share or pass along, please feel free to do so. I’d love to start a conversation about how to help our kids be the best version of themselves!

May 7, More Stripes

I’m back again today with even more blue and white stripes. I can’t seem to get enough of them lately. At least today they are vertical instead of horizontal!

This very lightweight cotton blouse is perfect for the gorgeous warm weather we are having. I love the different color and size of the stripes, as well as the cute flutter sleeve. At first I paired it with my faded blue jeans and Birkenstocks (and truthfully, I think this looks fine), but then I decided it might be better with white jeans to provide a little contrast to the blue. As usual, I have done the half tuck to define my waist and then to finish off the outfit I am wearing my cute slip on trendy Hermes knock off sandals.

Jeans- Gap

Blouse- Calvin Klein (TJ Maxx)

Shoes- Steven (TJ Maxx)

Belt- Target

May 6, Blue and White Stripes

Yesterday it was black and white stripes, today I’m going for blue and white. If you haven’t noticed, I am big fan of stripes!

I’m teaching 3rd grade today, so I want to be casual and comfy, and since it’s chilly in the morning, I need to start the day with a jacket, that I can remove later as it gets warmer. The plain white tank under the jacket on the left doesn’t add any interest to the outfit, so I switched it up for this blue and white one . I then rolled the hems of my jeans to show off a little ankle and make them look a little more current. I swapped out my bulky tennis shoes for my Superga’s to complete the look. As for the jacket, I rolled the sleeves and cinched the waist. This makes the jacket a little more flattering and more styled looking.

I know I promised links today, but I’m running late and don’t have time to include them. Sorry! I can tell you the blue and white shirt is Banana Republic (old), jacket is from Ross , Jeans are Rich and Skinny and shoes are Superega. Gotta run, have a great day.

May 5, Black and White Stripes

We are headed to a brunch today to celebrate the end of the year for my son, who is graduating high school. Woot hoot! I’ve chosen a cute black and white striped dress. Alone, it’s a little plain- so I added this cute statement necklace from Stella and Dot (old) and a black blazer with the sleeves pushed up. Peep toe shoes complete the look.

Sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday! I was still in Vegas at the National Charity League conference and didn’t have time for photos. I got home late last night and will be back to my regular posting this week with links and better write ups! Enjoy your Sunday.

Dress is from Madewell (old)

Shoes- Franco Sarto- Marshalls

Blazer- Nordstrom

Necklace- Stella and Dot

May 2, Rose Gold

I mentioned the other day how Rose Gold is one of the trending colors this season. Today I’m wearing a rose gold t shirt paired with a sandstone faux suede jacket.

In the before photo I paired this t shirt with blue jeans and Birkenstocks. But there just isn’t anything interesting or unique about this look. So, to change it up, I swapped out the blue jeans for off white jeans- and added this incredibly soft draped front faux suede jacket. The jacket adds some style and also keeps me warm! The open toed shoes complete the look and tie in the color of the jacket.

Jacket- TJ Maxx, old, but here is a similar one

T shirt- American Eagle


Shoes- Unisa