Feb 7, Black and Grey

Feb 7, Black and Grey

A reader wrote to me that she doesn’t like wearing black- because it’s so dreary, and I agree with her that it can be depressing, but I think it can also be really chic.


In my outfit today I have replaced the boring grey fleece on the left with this gorgeous grey sweater from Zara. My 17 year old son bought this for me for Christmas a few years ago, how cute is that?! One thing I love about this sweater is that it is a very thin- almost like a t shirt, but warmer. It also has great detailing on the sides- see below in the photo.


Living in the Pacific Northwest people tend to wear a lot of fleece. And I get it, fleece is warm, but unless you are out hiking or skiing, I say skip the fleece. A nice sweater is much more stylish.

I also changed up the look by rolling the hems of my jeans, showing just a peek of skin. I also replaced my black booties with the grey suede ones from Paul Green. These boots were expensive, but worth every penny. My feet hurt ALL THE TIME, so these well made boots are amazingly comfortable and I can wear them all day.

To finish the outfit, I added a cute necklace for interest and a belt- revealed by the infamous half tuck!

To me, this is a chic look. It’s easy, effortless, yet stylish.

Jeans- Gap

Boots- Paul Grey, Nordstrom

Sweater- Zara

Belt- Nordstrom Rack

Necklace- so old I can’t remember!

Feb 6, Little Changes

Feb 6, Little Changes

One of the things I love so much about this blog is that it forces me to really take a hard look at my outfit each day. I highly suggest taking photos of yourself when getting dressed. I know it sounds strange, but seeing myself in a photo is different than looking in the mirror. Once you think you have your outfit selected, make a few small changes and see what happens. Maybe I’m weird, but this is my idea of fun! 🙂


Take today’s outfit. I am loving this thermal shirt (these seem to be all the rage right now), and I paired it with jeans and tall brown boots. Looking at the photo on the left- it just doesn’t look right. It’s a little plain, and I don’t like how the jeans gather around the knees. I also think the tall boots cut my legs in half, making them look short.

So… I swapped out the jeans for these cute ripped ones, added a big belt and did the half tuck thing. I then threw on this gorgeous scarf, adding a bit of color to the otherwise neutral outfit. To finish off, I rolled the jeans up at the hem and put on my slip on tennis shoes.

And now for a little insider tip, I am wearing socks with these shoes. I wear Smart Wool  Seek and No Show socks- and they are my all time favorites! So much so, that I had a holiday party with my girlfriends where we did a ‘favorite things’ gift exchange and I gave these socks. My friend Missey, who received them, seemed a little disappointed, but then the next day texted me to tell me how much she loved them. They actually stay put- which is rare for this type of sock. You gotta trust me on this one!

If you were going to a Favorite Things Party, what would you bring? Please comment below!

Jeans- 7 for All Mankind, Nordstrom

Top- Nordstrom Rack

Scarf- gift

Shoes- Marshalls

Belt- so old I can’t remember!

Feb 5, More Leggings

Feb 5, More Leggings

I was so comfy and cozy in my leggings yesterday, and since we have another snow day, I’ve decided to wear a different pair today. There’s just something about wearing leggings- it’s sort of like staying in your jammies all day! Heaven!

Originally, I was planning on wearing black jeans, a black top and this fun faux shearling vest (as seen on the left). To be honest, I like this outfit, it’s a little plain, but that’s sort of my style! But since it is so snowy and cold outside, I decided that I’d rather wear my camo leggings and this cream sweater, topped off with the vest.

As for my shoes- yes, I am wearing my Uggs. I know I’ve been a little mean to them lately, and I still think they are large and clunky looking, but with the camo leggings I don’t mind them as much. Plus, they are nice and warm!

Truth be told, what I really wanted to wear are my Sorels– as seen below, but my 15 year old daughter said no. What do you think? Are they still in style? They are the perfect snow boot- warm, furry inside, non slip soles… but they are HUGE! If I were to actually go outside and tromp around in the snow- I would definitely wear them. Instead, I’ll sit inside by the fire and watch Bosch on Amazon Prime video! 🙂 Chime in with what you are watching on Netflix or Prime- I’m always looking for a new show!

Don’t forget, I’m posting on Instagram each morning as well. It’s a quick and easy way to see outfit ideas! Just click the link up at the top of the page. fullsizeoutput_1e1


Leggings- Nordstrom Rack 

Uggs- Nordstrom

Sorel Boots- Nordstrom

Sweater- OC Style

Vest- Nordstrom Rack 


Feb 4, Snow Day

Feb 4, Snow Day

Well, I guess it was finally our turn for the cold bitter winter weather to hit. We got a snow storm last night in the good old Pacific Northwest, which means everything will be shut down today, including school! Can you say ‘Snow Day’?!

For this cold, snowy day I want an outfit that is comfy, cozy and casual. The 3 C’s if you will.

So I’ve chosen my black leggings AGAIN! I swear, if you don’t own a good pair of leggings you need to go get some asap. These should be a staple in everyone’s closet- no matter what size you are. Think of leggings as you do jeans- a perfect bottom for any outfit. They are not just for going to the gym.

Buy expensive ones, ones that are thick and absolutely NOTHING shows through. When you try them on, sit down and see what happens, does the fabric stretch so much that you can sort of see skin? If so, do not buy them. You also want some with some spandex in them to hold you in and hide lumps. Cheap, thin ones will not do the trick. I love my Athleta ones- as seen below.


In my ‘before’ look, my denim shirt is too short to wear with leggings. I know I say this a lot- but for us more mature women, we need to wear longer tops that cover more.


I have replaced the chambray shirt in the before picture with a longer version. I like how it is peeking out under this big chunky black knit sweater. I just got this shirt at American Eagle. It is super soft, a great color- and I love the length.  To add a little interest, I threw on a long necklace. It breaks up all the black a little bit.

The Hunter Boots are perfect for walking through wet snow or rain. Plus, they are cuter than the Uggs. Don’t get me wrong though- I do love those Uggs… they just aren’t as cute. But boy are they warm…



Feb 3rd, Super Bowl

Feb 3rd, Super Bowl

Since the Seahawks aren’t in the Super Bowl this year, I think I’ll skip wearing the team sweatshirt and go for a cute and VERY cozy striped cardigan instead.  The loose tank under the cardigan is perfect for a Super Bowl party. There is plenty of room for me to eat to my hearts content. Which I will be doing since I could care less about the actual game!


Now here’s a little secret about what’s underneath my tank- another tank!

I wear a tank top almost every day under my clothes. I love this one that I found at Uniqlo. It keeps me warm- and also helps hold my tummy in. Plus, with the built in bra, it is an easy and comfy way to get the support I need (for those of you who want to know,  I am a B cup, so this may not work for you bigger breasted gals).


Sweater- Marshalls

Tank- Uniqlo

Tank- Anne Taylor

Shoes- Marshalls

Jeans- Nordstrom

Jan 27th, Not My Boyfriend!

Boyfriend jeans are not for everyone… or at least in my opinion these ’before’ boyfriend jeans are not working for me!

screen shot 2019-01-24 at 12.46.10 pm

I honestly don’t know why… maybe it’s the length? Too short? Maybe the legs are cut too wide? Maybe the holes are in an awkward place? Maybe because they are super wrinkly? Whatever the case, the make me look frumpy- and to make it worse, this cute striped shirt and jacket create an overall boxy look.

But a few simple changes and I’ve got a cute, slimming outfit.


First off, I changed out the jeans (obviously) for a skinny pair in a darker wash. Now let me tell you, I am a curvy girl. I’m thin- but I’m curvy- and yes, curvy girls can wear skinny jeans. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Next, I tucked in my shirt and added a belt (I sort of feel like I say this every day, but what a difference it makes!), then I added a long necklace to break up the stripes a bit. Also, the necklace creates a deep V shape, which is slimming.



Another change I made was to switch out the blue jacket for a longer olive green one. Again, the longer length is slimming, it covers my behind- and the color is fun! This jacket is from H&M, and I wear it all the time. It was sort of expensive for H&M (maybe around $75), but for a coat that you wear all the time, it’s worth it. I brought this with me when we went to Europe a few years ago and literally wore it every day. It was warm, water resistant and cute with all my outfits!

The final touch to my ‘after look’ is my leopard flats! These take the entire outfit up a notch by adding a cute pattern and look a lot cuter than the Chuck Taylor tennis shoes.

I’m also showing 1 additional look where I add a scarf. This is an excellent way to change your look and keep warm!


Ps. Maybe you’ve found some amazing boyfriend jeans that work for you- and if so, please do tell!

Jeans- Nordstrom

Jacket H&M

Top- J Crew

Scarf- Zara

Necklace- gift

Shoes- Nordstrom



Jan 25th, What a Difference a Belt Makes!

What a difference a belt makes!

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 8.37.17 pm


If I saw this dress on the hanger without the belt, I probably would have just kept on walking. It’s shapeless without the belt. But- add a belt- and wow! What a difference. Now I don’t look so frumpy! This belt is super cute too- with the tassel detail (see below).



I have to tell you, this dress is one of my all time favorites- and the best part, I bought it at Target! I love that it’s long sleeved (rare for dresses), I think the neckline is cute (notice how I added a necklace), and I love the length- I’m too old to show too much leg. Best part, it’s machine washable- so easy!  On top of all that, being black makes it so versatile.

In my before picture I have paired the dress with slip on loafers. While I love these shoes- they are just not right with the dress. They look matronly. But I hate wearing heels, so what’s a girl to do?! Try boots!


I’m attending an event tonight at my son’s future college (gasp!). I’m not sure what other people will be wearing, so I wanted to be safe- not too dressy, not too casual. A simple black dress like this should do the trick. Wish me luck…

Dress- Target

Boots- Born, Nordstrom

Necklace- gift