Feb 20th, Cropped Trench

 I have gotten really into trench coats this year- as seen here and here.

Part of the reason- and I discussed a bit of this yesterday- is that it is perfect for hiding a not so flat tummy. I also love jackets because I am always cold- and a trench helps keep me nice and warm.

Today I’m sporting a cute cropped & belted trench. It can also be called a safari jacket.  I have no idea if this is even still in style, I bought it a while ago at the Gap and just found it in my closet (love it when that happens!).

Some would advise against wearing this type of jacket- simply because all the pockets on the front add bulk- so if you’re big breasted, you may want to avoid this look.

However, being a B cup, I can use the extra padding up there.

On the right I am showing it with a black turtleneck, which just seems a little too buttoned up to me. It’s cute- but maybe too safe?

On the left I have replaced it with a tank- which shows a little more skin. On the bottom I’ve simply paired it with my dark skinny jeans and black ballet flats. Again, nothing earth shattering, nothing you’ll see on a runway- but a simple outfit that works in real life.

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Love that the belt defines my waist.

Jacket: Gap, Pants: Anthropologie, Tank: Nordstrom, Shoes: Nordtrom, Necklace: Jewel Kade

Oct. 11th, Bootie Call

One way to look skinnier is to dress from head to toe in one color, then add a jacket.
Zipped up seems so stuffy!

Now that I’m doing this style experiment, I’m noticing that for fall/winter my shoes options are pathetic. Basically, I own black and brown boots- BORING! In order to expand my options, I made a little emergency trip to Marshalls last Friday and picked up a few new pairs. I wore one on Sat (the fur lined hiker boot seen here) and today I’m sporting another- introducing my new black booties!

I’ve paired them with skinny black pants (wardrobe staple), a black tank and a Chanel inspired jacket. I’ve accessorized with this cool necklace that I got at Forever 21. I like the way the beads play off the colors in the jacket.

On the right is my ‘before’ look. With the jacket zipped and the traditional trousers, I think I look a little dated. On my feet I have my trusty old boots- and to be honest, if I had to do a ton of walking, I’d probably say ‘screw fashion’ and wear these boots. They are really so much more comfortable.

But, in the name of style, I will thrust my feet into these silly booties and hope I don’t have to walk far!

Thanks for all the comments- please keep them coming!  I rely on advice and tips from you more fashionable people!

While I love these trousers, they aren't doing much to make this outfit look young and fresh.
The skinny pant makes this look more modern.
These were $30 at Marshalls. Love them or hate them?

Pants: Express, Tank: Gap, Jacket: Nordstrom, Bootie: Marshalls, Necklace: Forever 21, Trouser: Nordstrom, Black Boots: Aerosole