August 2, Shorts

It’s funny, so many people are posting fall looks- but here in Seattle, we are just getting into the swing of things with summer. It is only August after all. So today I am showing an outfit to demonstrate what a difference the right pair of shorts can make.

I know some women over 40 don’t really want to show their legs so they choose Bermuda shorts. I totally get it, the longer length covers more. However, regardless of my lumpy legs (and I swear they are lumpy- I’ve had cottage cheese on the back of my legs since college), I still like the way these shorter shorts look.

I talked about details yesterday, and these cute shorts also have some details that make them stand out. See photo below!

Love the trim along the pockets and hemline.

But they aren’t just cute, they also make my legs look longer and are a little more stylish than the dated Bermuda shorts. I’ve paired them with a cute faux silk flowered top (that is tucked in to give me a waistline). Now I have a cute summer outfit perfect for going to watch tennis, which is what I am doing today. It’s the Washington Open and I am looking forward to seeing some amazing tennis with players from all over the Northwest. And here is the view I will have! Gorgeous!

It doesn’t get much prettier than this! 🙂

May 11th, Backyard BBQ

We are going a backyard bbq party tonight, and it’s supposed to be 80 degrees, so I want an outfit that is cute and that I won’t sweat too much in! I chose blue and white linen shorts paired with a sleeveless top.

In my before look, I am wearing a yellow cotton tank that I tied in a knot at the waist. This works (although I need to iron my top!), but it is still a little casual for a party. The Birkenstocks also add to the casual vibe. So… to bring it up a notch (who’s the famous chef that always says that?), I swapped out the tank for this blouse. It’s a dressier material, but still is cool enough for a hot summer night. I also replaced the Birks with neutral wedge heels- which totally elevate (no pun intended) the whole look. Happy Saturday!

Shorts- Athleta

Heels- Clarks

Top- Nordstrom Rack